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CodeIgniter Web App Development

CodeIgniter was developed specifically for the task of taking away the complexity of PHP programming and offering elegantly simple solutions in its place. After more than 8 years since its initial release, CodeIgniter has made a name for itself as the PHP based web application framework that let’s developers create vastly elegant and simple solutions with greater performance and lower costs. Apart from these salient features, CodeIgniter is also praised for its ultra high performance and being the fastest PHP based platform for web applications. If you are the kind of person who prefers simple, elegant and high performance PHP solutions over bulky and complex frameworks, CodeIgniter might just be what you are looking for.

CodeIgniter Application Development– Simple, Fast & Elegant

CodeIgniter has caught the attention of the crowd primarily due to its ability to help develop dynamic and highly functional websites without the hassle of large undocumented libraries or restrictive coding rules. This PHP based framework is easy to use, fast and most importantly has exceptional performance and is highly compatible with standard hosting. Additionally, the CodeIgniter framework has been developed to ensure that the development process is extremely fast since the developers do not have to write out the code from scratch.

  • Exceptional performance with clear, concise and thorough documentation
  • Simple programming process with no restrictive coding
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs for better rankings
  • Wide range of compatibility options with standard hosting
  • Simple & user-friendly debugging process

For over 13 years we have delivered more than 3,500+ projects for
2,550+ customers worldwide.




Our Services – CodeIgniter Development Company

Konstant expertly utilizes the powerful performance capabilities of CodeIgniter to create highly functional and elegantly simple PHP based websites. We consider PHP development to be our forte and it is one of our core competencies largely due to our vast 13 years of experience in the PHP framework.

Our CodeIgniter development services are based on the following fronts:

  • Custom CodeIgniter development services
  • CodeIgniter application development services
  • API & library development services
  • Performance optimization services
  • Support and maintenance services

Advantages with Konstant

Much like the creators of CodeIgniter, we at Konstant Infosolutions love providing our clients with clean, concise and cost-effective solutions with powerful capabilities. This is precisely the reason why we have grown to love and master CodeIgniter.

8 years of experience working with CodeIgniter

Extensive support & maintenance on CodeIgniter projects

30+ dedicated and motivated CodeIgniter developers

Highly competitive pricing packages

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