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According to a study 1.4 billion users uses android app and share 53.54% of the total mobile operating system market. Android has been cardinal part of the industry since smartphones have taken their space in the whole world. Billions of people use android application to do their necessary task in their daily lives. It was noticed that over 2 million people download apps from Google Play store and is still favorite among generations. Hence it is proved from the stats that to make your app visible to everyone it has to be on the Google Play store.

Importance of Android App

Android platform offers the biggest and the most appealing network for people to advertise their products and services. Android users like common man, businessman, and associates are all who give their lot of time in exploring, downloading and using different apps on their mobiles.

From a study it was noticed that ever since Android has made its space in the industry it has millions of android devices as well as the active users globally. So to reach one and all there can be nothing better than Android to leave a presence online and make people eager to know about your business.


How Android is developed at Orbplexus?


Keeping in mind the stats of Android global users we provide you the best solution which is at par excellence. We are one of the leading Android App Development Company who have given a platform to several startups and well-known companies to make their space in Android market and be visible on each and every phone. We help you to connect with every audience with our team of dedicated designers and developers who have mastery in the latest technology tools.  With our sincere hard work we are reaching to every industry and have been developing apps for:

  • Social Networking platform
  • Education application
  • Utility application
  • Travelling application
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Gaming
  • And many more

With experienced team of developers and designers, Orbplexus is one of the most cherished android app development company known for its work and the service provided. The app development service provided at Orbplexus set up a yardstick for our valuable customers and they love to embrace our services again and again. The services provided at Orbplexus are at the reasonable price which is cost effective.

Android – Our forte


With the years of experience in android app development our dedicated team of designers and developers are focused on developing a user-friendly app for several industries.


  • Applications created are compatible to all other android devices.
  • We assure 100% error free functionality.
  • Question and answers are duly answered.
  • The team of developers, analysts, and quality analysts work hard to develop a up to the mark app.

Don’t worry and get associated with our team and experience the vast knowledge of the latest module and get updated version of the app.


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