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Adobe AIR also Adobe Integrated Runtime is a cross-platform web application development tool created by Adobe Inc. that utilizes the power of HTML, AJAX and Flex to create web based applications that let users interact with Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and websites without the need for a web browser.

Adobe AIR is quite easily one of the most flexible and versatile cross-platform development tools. The AIR SDK can be used to develop applications for nearly everything from desktops to tablets, television, tablets, smartphones, etc. Additionally, applications developed using Adobe AIR are browser independent, which means they do not require a web browser to operate.

Adobe AIR Development – Convenient, Powerful, Secure

There are several reasons to consider using Adobe AIR for your cross-platform app development needs. For starters, it’s fast, powerful and secure which translates to better quality apps and lower development costs. What’s more, with AIR, deployment is quick and the brand image is enhanced thanks to RIAs.

  • Convenience of running without the need for a browser
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Highly flexible with multi-platform support
  • Access to all platforms, for the price of one

For over 8 years we have delivered more than 300+ Applications for
2,550+ customers worldwide.



Our Services – Adobe Air Development Company

At Konstant, we believe in making things as simple and easy for clients, as is possible. With Adobe Integrated Runtime, we provide a wide range of services backed by our years of AIR experience and innovative and talented team of developers.

We offer Adobe AIR app development services on the following fronts:

  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development Services
  • Mobile and Desktop App Development Services
  • Offline Application Development Services
  • Actionscript Development Services

Advantages with Konstant

We have been working with Adobe AIR for quite a while now and our AIR developers are some of the best and brightest in their field. Their extensive experience and natural talent with the AIR development tool let’s them work wonders for our clients.

30+ dedicated Adobe AIR developers & programmers

Highly proficient team in the field of cross-platform development

Utilization of latest AIR SDKs

Solutions Partner with Adobe Inc.

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