CodeIgniter Web App Development
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CodeIgniter Web App Development


It was basically developed to keep the PHP programming simple yet manageable to provide splendidly simple solution to the customer. After its release years back it has made its space as a PHP based web application framework which enables developers to create simple yet excellent solution in lesser cost but great in performance. It also praised for its speed which is the fastest PHP based platform for web applications. So if you are looking for simple, high performance and feasible PHP solution come to us as codeigniter is your answer.


Application Development with CodeIgniter


With the ability to develop dynamic and fully functional web application codeigniter has become preferable for all developers. This PHP based framework gives the developers a special platform to develop an app without being indulged into undocumented libraries or to follow the restrictive coding rules. It is very easy, fast and is outstanding in performance and is also highly compatible with standards of hosting. It has been developed to make sure that the development process becomes extremely fast as it becomes very arduous for developers to start from the scratch.
• Clear, concise in documentation with exception performance
• Simple in programming
• User-friendly debugging process
• Friendly Search engine optimization process
• Wide range of compatibility options

We are expert in delivering the app which is best at functionality and cost effective



Our Services as CodeIgniter Development Company


The team Orbplexus considers itself the best solution provider in developing an app in PHP with the framework of codeigniter. With the years of experience in developing and delivery successful apps, it has become our forte. Team Orbplexus know how to utilize powerful capabilities of CodeIgniter and create an exceptionally functional and elegant solution PHP based website. Following are some points upon which the services are based upon:
• Performance optimization
• Support and maintenance
• API and library development service
• Application development service
• Custom Codeigniter development service


Benefits with Orbplexus


With the expertise in developing an app which is cost effective, reliable, concise and equipped with powerful capabilities this is the reason why we are being appreciated for the work and recognized as the masters of CodeIgniter. Following are some properties which makes us different
• 7+ years of experience of working on CodeIgniter
• Dedicated team of developers and designers
• Competitive in pricing
• We give extensive support and maintenance on our projects.


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