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Logo being the face of the company gives a platform to be visible on Internet Apps


Logo is the face of the company. It is an ideogram which graphically represents a company, business enterprise or an individual. The amalgamation of visual elucidation with creativity and technology describes a logo. According to a study, the ocular impact is more than text image.
Logo acts as an important attribute in marketing world which describes the canon and yearning of a business nascence. It is an identity card of a company which is the most powerful marketing device. The look of the logo appraises the standard of the company and it also acts like a protagonist of that company.
In order to do so we are here to design such master piece of art to describes your work in a unique and creative way.

How logo should be designed?


Designing a logo involves the presence of marketing and designer team that requires the mutual understanding of ideas and values of the brand. It starts with devising of the concept, prosecute the preliminary design and conclude the logo concept, finally selecting the color concept and its contrast and combination. After getting the desired result it is checked thoroughly if it is matching with the requirement of the client. The whole process is done with an ease at Orbplexus to create a mind blowing logo by mixing colors, special effects, texts and other brand mark.
We provide best logo design which will be a signature of your business to impress others with its creative design and style. We also offer illustrative, artistic, corporate typographic logos to add with corporate identity including ID cards, bill books, invoice, letter heads etc.


For over 8 years we have delivered more than 300+ Applications for
2,550+ customers worldwide.



Benefits with Orbplexus

With a team of creative designers we design logo of your choice. Our designers are well equipped with the pool of knowledge of latest trends and innovative ideas.
• Creativity par excellence
• Team dedication
• Deliver a logo which is the face of organization

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