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Mobile Commerce Application Development

In 1997 the word mobile commerce also known as mCommerce was introduced. The term means “delivery of electronic commerce capabilities via wireless technology directly in consumer’s hand”. Power of mobility is increasing day to day as and people understand its importance. This sector has been dominating every sector with its capability like online shopping has become a part of daily life of people so mobile commerce development plays a vital role there also.

Mobile Commerce Development Service at Orbplexus

Mobile commerce is easily accessible with which people can easily fulfill their shopping needs anywhere and anytime. It is bringing new trends in the way the business interacts with their customers. It has also made it more personalized, more secure and most importantly more convenient.
• Ease of access
• Has changed the way the business interact with customers
• Greater security and personalization
• Increased business growth and brand recognition

For over few years, we have successfully delivered thousands of applications Worldwide



Our Services


Team Orbplexus provide a wide range of mobile commerce solution which leads to customer satisfaction. We are big fan of m-Commerce development and we believe in its growth.
Following are the services we offer for M-Commerce:
• Mobile online shopping
• Information services
• Mobile banking services

Benefits of Orbplexus


With the team of dedicated developers and programmers we have a rich background in mobile commerce and play an active role in its progress. Our skilled programmers understand the exclusivity of the mobile platform.
• Individuality of understanding the mobile commerce.
• Years of experience in IT solutions
• Dedicated team
• Reasonable packages

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