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We have delivered more than 1000+ open source solutions to clients in 40+ different nations within the past 13 years.

In today’s world of fierce internet competition, no business can survive without a website to represent itself to the online community. Unfortunately, when it comes to developing and maintaining websites, the number of choices are quite literarily infinite. It is on this scenario of infinite choices, that Open Source Content Management Systems have made quite an impact. The main reason for this is a simple one, an Open Source CMS makes the creating and editing of content an extremely simple and easy affair.

The ease with which an Open Source CMS can customize and integrate a website along with the development of versatile web application, is what makes it a popular platform for web development. Additionally, using an Open Source CMS is quite easily one of the most affordable options out there for both large and small scale businesses. Say goodbye to hefty charges and rigid content management tools and welcome the new era of Open Source CMS.

For over 13 years we have delivered more than 3,500+ projects for
2,550+ customers worldwide



Why Pick Orbplexus ?

If you’re trawling the internet in search of a solutions provider that can fulfill your CMS needs while ensuring high quality, total satisfaction, competitive prices and much more, look no further. You have arrived at the perfect place. We, at Konstant believe that we are primarily a customer service provider and an IT solutions company later. We make your needs our priority irrespective of your requirements or the size of your project. Our project development parameters are always built around the following facts.

Skill & Expertise

We have had a hand in Open and Closed CMS for a long time resulting in a vast qualitative experience. Additionally, our 150+ member strong team of experts are well versed in the needs and wants of clients, which ensures total satisfaction.

Confidentiality & Privacy

The need for privacy and confidentiality is one we completely understand and are sympathetic to. Our clients are always welcome to take up our offer to sign NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) for Privacy and confidentiality.

Client Satisfaction

We recognize our clients need for absolute quality, combined with a high level of satisfaction and are committed to the incorporation of these traits in all our services. More than 60% of our revenue is generated from repeat business, which is an indicator of our dedication to clients.

Competitive Pricing

One of the biggest benefits of Open Source CMS is its affordability. We, as an expert solutions provider are aware of this and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of ensuring that we remain extremely competitive in our pricing.

Comprehensive Knowledge

Our team of developers and designers take the trouble to understand that the ultimate purpose of Opensource Development is business growth and turnover. We achieve this with our comprehensive and practical knowledge of the industry and our previous experience.

Aesthetic Designs

An Open Source CMS based website can not climb the ladder to success by being functional and user-friendly alone. It needs a level of aesthetic beauty that connects with the user at a personal level. Thanks to our team of dedicated and innovative designers, we are masters of beatification.

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